"For the culture of cities, which had outlasted so many civilizations had been doomed at last when the helicopter brought universal transportation. Within a few generations the great masses of mankind, knowing that they could reach any part of the globe in a matter of hours, had gone back to the fields and forests for which they had always longed."

- 'Rescue Party', Arthur C. Clarke

"leaving traces the future would fail to recognise,and time would acknowledge,anyway."


You’re an everlasting hurricane,
An eternal fountain of joy,
An eloquent river of beautiful words.

You’re the extremity of cheer,
An emulation of life,
An extravagance of yourself.

You’re the embellishment to a worth-to-be-told story,
An essential ingredient,
An embalmment of friendship.

All of those, in one of the empty
Chambers of the heart.
I carry your heart with me,
I carry it In my heart.


"Nostalgia is just memories craving repetition."

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Jeff Hong - “Unhappily ever after”

It’s all so sad and thought provoking until you get to Chicken Little lol

Am I the only who was feeling a hit of society’s injustice until I saw the last picture? haha

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I see you sitting there,

Hair all golden and flowing around you.

So quietly you look outside the window;

As if the world is a silent movie,

Playing like it always does, perpetually.

I hope I’d meet you someday;

Hold those fair hands and play with you.

I want to look into those eyes of yours,

Deep enough to harbour a universe.

I want to look into everything 

You store in that universe.

I want to hold your head and

Swing it from side to side and

Move mine alone with it.

I want to look into your heart,

Filled with love and affection,

Pure and

Void of all malice.

And finally, when I do meet you,

I hope you come barking and

Hold me in a tight embrace,

Paws around my waist,

Your tail wagging  with haste.

I hope you jump around me, 

Onto me,

Like I’m your only friend,


You pure and perfect thing! 


I’ll be your Radio,
Which you can tune to your will.
I’ll be your Radio,
Which plays “Aap ki Farmaish”.
I’ll be your Radio,
One to carry around.
I’ll be your Radio,
One that makes the right sound.
I’ll be your Radio,
Playing your favourite song.
I’ll be your Radio,
Playing the beats of the heart.
I’ll be your Radio,
Be with you when you hit the road.
I’ll be your Radio,
Stare at stars along with you.
I’ll be your Radio,
To listen to your sadness,
I’ll be the Radio,
To listen to your grudges.
I’ll be the Radio,
To make you laugh at Vicco ads

I’ll be one to make you jive,
One to make you groove,
One to make you dance,
With all the funky moves;
Salsas and Tangos,
Balls and hula hoops.

And when my charge runs out,
When my cells die,
All I need is,
Your little smile
To be your Radio,
Forever on, from tonight….